Glasses in your Headshot?

Whether you should wear glasses for your business headshots depends on various factors, including your personal style, the image you want to convey, and your comfort with or without glasses. Here are some considerations:

1. Personal Style

If you typically wear glasses and they are a significant part of your everyday look, it might make sense to wear them for headshots to represent your authentic self.

2. Comfort

Some people may feel more comfortable and confident when wearing their glasses. If you feel that glasses enhance your appearance and confidence, it’s a good idea to wear them.

3. Image and Branding

Consider the image you want to convey with your headshots. Glasses can convey a professional, studious, or intellectual image. If this aligns with your personal or professional brand, wearing glasses can be a good choice.

4. Lighting and Glare

Keep in mind that glasses can sometimes cause glare or reflections when shooting with certain lighting setups. You should work with a photographer who can minimize these issues through lighting techniques or post-processing.

5. Alternate Shots

You can also consider taking some headshots with glasses and some without. This way, you have options to choose from based on different contexts and preferences.

Ultimately, the decision to wear glasses or not for headshots should align with your personal style, the image you want to project, and your comfort. It’s important to communicate your preferences with your photographer to ensure you achieve the desired result.

Wearing glasses in your headshots can have several advantages:

Authenticity: If you regularly wear glasses in your daily life, including them in your headshots reflects your authentic self. It helps others recognize and connect with you more easily when they meet you in person.

Professional Image: Glasses can convey a professional, sophisticated, or intellectual image. Depending on your industry or profession, this can be an asset. Glasses may make you appear more serious and capable, which can be an advantage in certain contexts.

Distinctive Look: Glasses can set you apart and make your headshots more memorable. If you have distinctive frames or a unique style, this can add character and personality to your photos.

Confidence: If you feel more confident and comfortable wearing glasses, it can come across in your headshots. Confidence is an attractive quality, and it can help you appear more relaxed and approachable in photos.

Age and Maturity: Glasses can add an air of maturity and wisdom to your appearance, which can be beneficial in certain professional contexts, especially if you are relatively young.

Wearing glasses in your headshots can have some disadvantages:

Glare and Reflections: Glasses can create glare or reflections from studio lighting, camera flashes, or natural light sources. This glare can obscure your eyes and detract from the overall quality of the headshot.

Distortion: Depending on the prescription of your glasses, they can cause slight distortions or magnification of your eyes. This distortion can affect the symmetry of your face and may not accurately represent your natural appearance.

Changing Trends: Fashion trends for frames can change over time. If you choose frames that are very trendy at the moment, they might date your headshots when styles evolve.

Obstructed Eye Contact: Glasses can create a barrier between your eyes and the viewer, potentially reducing the perceived level of eye contact and connection in the headshot.