10 Things to Avoid in Your Business Headshots

When considering your business headshots, it’s essential to be mindful of certain factors to steer clear of. Here are 10 things to avoid in your business headshots to guarantee that your headshot appears impressive and effectively conveys your personal and professional image.

10 Things to avoid in your Business Headshots

A professional business headshot is essential for making a strong first impression in the corporate world. To ensure your headshot presents you in the best light, here are 10 things to avoid:

1. Inappropriate attire

Avoid wearing casual or overly flashy clothing that doesn’t align with your industry’s dress code.
We will send you a style guide before your session to make sure you are prepared for your business headshot session. We also recommend bringing 2-3 different outfits to your session, so we have some options. 

2. Distracting backgrounds

Choose a simple, neutral background that doesn’t draw attention away from your face.

3. Poor lighting

Avoid harsh, unflattering lighting that can create unappealing shadows on your face.

4. Excessive retouching

Don’t overdo the retouching, as it can make you appear unnatural and inauthentic.
We include high-end retouching in all of our headshot sessions, to make sure you look your best in your headshots. 

5. Unnatural poses

Avoid stiff or awkward poses; opt for a relaxed and confident stance.
We will guide you through the whole session, put you in flattering poses, and make sure you feel relaxed. 

6. Strong makeup

Keep makeup subtle and professional; avoid dramatic or distracting makeup choices.

7. Excessive jewelry

Limit the amount of jewelry you wear; it should complement your look, not overwhelm it.

8. Overly wide smiles

While smiling is important, an exaggerated grin can appear insincere. Aim for a natural and pleasant smile.

9. Unkempt grooming

Ensure your hair is well-groomed, and pay attention to facial hair if applicable.

10. Inconsistent branding

If your headshot is for professional use (e.g., LinkedIn), make sure it aligns with your personal brand and is consistent with your other online profiles.

Remember that your business headshot is a reflection of your professionalism and personal brand, so invest the time and effort to get it right. Work with a professional photographer who specializes in corporate headshots to ensure the best results.