Professional Headshot Booth – Nationwide

It’s not just about capturing headshots; it’s about crafting an impactful event marketing experience that drives results.


By offering attendees the opportunity to have professional headshots taken, you create a space for engagement and interaction. People are drawn to activities that provide value!

Lead Generation

Utilizing a headshot booth allows you to collect attendee information in exchange for their headshots. This data can be valuable for follow-up marketing efforts post-event, turning leads generated at the event into potential customers or clients.

Social Media Sharing

Attendees are likely to share their professional headshots on social media platforms, which extends the reach of your brand beyond the event itself. Encouraging attendees to tag your company or event in their posts further amplifies your company’s visibility online.


Providing attendees with a professional headshot experience enhances their overall event experience. It’s a tangible takeaway that they associate with your brand, leaving a lasting impression.

Headshot Booth Pricing

Don’t worry about travel expenses – we offer a nationwide flat rate!

Indeed, a headshot booth can serve as a powerful tool for event marketing.

Standard Booth

All Inclusive Flat Rate
$4,300/1 day

2 days – $7,600
3 days – $10,900


one photographer
one backdrop of your choice
integrated lead capture
instant sharing and selection of headshots
up to 30 people per hour
$500 discount for a headshot booth in the San Diego area

Premium Booth

All Inclusive Flat Rate
$7,500/1 day

2 days – $14,00
3 days – $19,500


two photographers
two backdrops of your choice
integrated lead capture
instant sharing and selection of headshots
up to 60 people per hour
$1,000 discount for a headshot booth in the San Diego area

At our headshot booth, we specialize in delivering top-quality headshots during conferences. Our process typically takes between 2 to 5 minutes per participant, ensuring efficient yet exceptional results for every participant.

Headshot Booth FAQ

How many people can you photograph per day?

We can provide up to 250 headshots with our Standard Headshot Booth and up to 500 headshots with our Premium Headshot Booths.

How do the participants get their images?

Each participant will receive a private gallery right after their session. We also can customize the process, based on your needs.

Does it include retouching?

We include 1 final retouched image per participant. Participants can purchase additional retouches through the gallery with no extra charge or work on your end.

Do participants schedule their sesison?

To ensure optimal participation rates, we advise against scheduling. However, you have the option to enhance your experience with our branded scheduler. This feature enables you to conveniently organize participants and even send them text message reminders.

Is the headshot booth white labeled?

What Our Clients Say

J.S. Mash
J.S. Mash
Monique - thank you so much for a fun experience creating such great professional headshots. I appreciate all the help with outfits and posing to get these awesome results!!! And of course, having hair and make up onsite was a HUGE win!!!! Very impressed with the lightning fast turn around, from session to finished headshots in just one day. THANK YOU!!!
Kristen Taylor
Kristen Taylor
Wonderful experience! Monique has a gift and was lovely to work with. I was very pleased with my photos and I highly recommend her!
Scott K. Johnson
Scott K. Johnson
I had a terrific experience with Monique to update my headshots. I scheduled an express session. Monique was quick and efficient and delivered my photos super quickly. I highly recommend her!
Britt Davis
Britt Davis
Monique is amazing at what she does. Highly recommend her services for professional headshots.
Rachael Britton
Rachael Britton
I had never done a headshot before but Monique made the entire thing easy and fun and the final product turned out amazingly. Highly recommend.
kathryn justyn
kathryn justyn
Monique provides the highest quality work and she is a true professional. An excellent communicator, she shares with you everything you need to know and do, before, during and after the session. Throw in some a bit of laughter, coupled with her preparedness, add in an amazing outcome, I had the perfect experience. Thank you! Kathryn
Stephanie Prado
Stephanie Prado
Monique is an exceptional photographer who made my headshot session a fun experience. Her professionalism and passion for photography are evident in her work. She created a comfortable atmosphere and captured natural and authentic shots. I highly recommend Monique for outstanding headshots and a delightful photography experience. Thanks Monique!:)
Paul Savage
Paul Savage
Monique was very professional and the results were great
Judy Ki
Judy Ki
Monique is a very talented photographer with a very good eye for capturing you at your best. I love my professional headshots. What a fun session that was as well. I'd recommend Monique to all my friends in a heart beat.
Katie Burlington
Katie Burlington
Fantastic! Found Monique online to take photos for our office and we could not be happier with the results. The photo taking process was extremely professional. Monique made everyone on our team feel at ease and knew exactly how to get the right shots. I can't recommend enough. Thank you!